No Resolutions–Just Decisive Living

IMG_0970I recently purchased this little wall art because it spoke to me in my soul.

I do not like New Year’s Resolutions, because they are fleeting.  But I do like – and encourage – decisive living.  As a new year begins, I think it is a good idea to ask yourself, “Where do I want to be in December of 2014?  How will I get there?”  If you are content where you are – GREAT!  If you have to make changes, do so confidently and consciously.

I have endured many challenges over the past few years.  I feel as though my focus was to survive, and that I did not LIVE!  This year, I will LIVE.

So far this year 1) I have a new look and 2) I am giving voice to the blog I began in 2010.  I am exciting and encouraged by the baby steps I am taking to ensure more living this year.  Just as I have had a face lift by getting rid of about 8 inches of hair, expect this website to get a face lift too!

Stay tuned!

God Blesses Everyone!

Dumbbells by the Dryer

I have come to the realization that if I don’t use my muscles, they will lose their value and purpose.

I do not take the time to exercise 30 minutes or an hour – it is daunting to even consider working that into my schedule.

My focus this Lenten season has been to try to take time to focus on replenishing me.  I have found little ways – like reading a book, trying to get to bed a bit earlier, eating healthier and taking vitamins.  Small efforts that say “I am worthy of ME time” – in a healthy and constructive manner.

Recently, I reflected on my idle time – minutes waiting for the dryer to re-heat before folding, standing at the toaster/microwave, waiting for coffee to brew, waiting for the dog to come back to the door.  I decided to use that time over the past week to use my muscles.  I spent some time online looking for a good 5 Minute Workout.  There are plenty to chose from, but none that suited me!  Sol, I designed my own routine.  This is not a WORK-OUT.  This is not for weight loss.  It is simply meant to USE MY MUSCLES.  I am not certified in fitness, but I have worked out with videos or at a gym on and off for probably 30 years.  Dumbbells can be used, or you can use your own strength as resistance.  Each motion is slow and controlled – with thought going to the muscles that are being worked.

You do not have to do all of these at one time.  Do the neck stretches while you are waiting for a web page to refresh.  Do the arms by the dryer.  Get on the floor when you wake up.  Mix it up.  Break it up.  Do it all 2 or 3 times a day if you would like.  The idea here is to provide suggestions that will let your muscles know they are valued!

UMM – Use My Muscles routine is here if you would like to print it off.  Leave a copy in the kitchen cabinet and one by the dryer.  Wherever you might have a few moments . . . post it as a reminder to use your muscles!  Just remember – all of these movements are small, slow and very controlled.

A HUGE thank you to the ladies of JOY in the Home that endured my demonstration last night.  We made a memory filled with laughter!

I have actually put my dusty dumbbells by the dryer and now use them while I am waiting.

I hope you enjoy!


God Blesses Everyone!


God gave us a gift.  He knew that we needed a savior and He sent His son into this world.  We can look to Jesus for lessons on how to live and to love.  We can turn to Jesus with our trials and our sins to seek strength and forgiveness.  The gift from God is not a gift we deserve.  It is not a gift we can earn.  It is a gift that He has given freely because He loved us first.  It is thru His grace and mercy and love that He sent His son.  If we are capable of genuinely receiving this gift from God then we are called to re-gift.  We are called to live with that love, that grace and that mercy and share it with others.  God’s gift is not a gift we receive just once.  We are invited into His embrace continually. The more we come to Him, the more we can receive, and the more we have to give to others.  My challenge and resolution is that I will re-gift the passionate love that I have received.  My hope is that I do not just tell others about the greatness of our God, but that I can teach them and encourage them to have a relationship with God.

(Easier said than done.)  In order to accomplish my resolution, I need a plan.  I have to discipline myself to set aside time to replenish and nourish myself with His word.  I have to slow down enough to see Him and appreciate Him.  This will not be easy.  Life, work, chores, kids, schedules, etc get in the way.  In addition, I tend to do for others and put myself last.  However, if I keep myself last on the list year, I will not be all that God has called me to be.

Heavenly Father, I pray that with your help, I can identify and remove the barriers that keep me from growing closer to you.  Allow me, Lord, to see the opportunities to re-gift your love!  Thank you God!

God Blesses Everyone!

Merry Christmas

The greatest gift was given today!

The Son of God was born in a manger.  We can come to the manger with all of our pain, all of our suffering, all of our loss, all of our heartache, all of our brokenness, our worries and our fears.  This infant child is the source of peace, love, comfort and joy!

Thank you God!  May you have a Blessed Christmas!

God Blesses Everyone!

Advent – New Year

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent – the beginning of the church calendar year.  I have decided this is a good time to launch a website that I feel God has been asking me to do for many years!  I have been on an amazing journey with God since 2000.  In 2006, God gave me ideas, peace and a desire to seek joy in my home.  Joy in cooking, joy in cleaning, joy in the daily routine of managing a family and a home.  However, after facing some trials of my own, I thought God gave me that strength just for me – to get thru the trial and trust in Him.  Today, I feel as though He planted those thoughts and provided the trials so that I can help encourage others.

This site is not original.  The thoughts I will share are based on things I have read in the Bible, things I have read in Life Matters: Bible Studies for Life, sermons I have heard, Beth Moore Bible Studies, and music that has moved me.  I hope I can provide interesting insight and quotes or verses that provoke some thought and can encourage you on a journey closer to God.

May God bless you and me on this Journey to Joy!

God Blesses Everyone!

Journey to J.O.Y

J.O.Y. – Jesus Others and Yourself.  This is not about putting yourself last, but rather about putting yourself on the list.

Remembering to pray for yourself – not your earthly wants and desires, but for peace, discernment, wisdom and guidance.

Treating yourself with respect, so that others will do the same.  The old saying – treat people the way you want to be treated.  Are others treating you the way you want to be treated?  What is the manner in which you treat yourself telling others about the way you desire to be treated?

Establishing healthy boundaries to protect your true self – so that you can be all that God created you to be!  Boundaries are not about always saying no.  They are more about prioritizing how your limited energy will be spent.

I am on a journey to know my creator, my savior and my soul – who God created me to be!

God Blesses Everyone!