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We all have unique families with unique rhythms within our homes. The Routine Planner will help you learn how to embrace your natural routines.


About The Planner


The Routine Planner is completely editable meaning you can buy it once and use it year after year, routine try after routine try, and differently for each child in your family. 

Charlotte Mason Method Built In

With over 120+ pages, this Charlotte Mason Planner has habit training, handicrafts, Calendar of First, Nature Journaling, Mother Culture and so much more of her methods built into the planner for easy implementing for your family. 

5 Sections Included

This planner includes 5 sections: Annual, Term, Monthly, Weekly and Mother Culture. Each success consists of my proven planning for nearly 20 years of using the Charlotte Mason way to plan our children's education from preschool through high school. 

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What Other People Think

  • "Routines are so important for children, as they develop, to gain independence. Children of all ages can learn important skills by taking charge of their day. This routine planner will help your child do just that. It is beautifully laid out and encourages a child to take ownership of their day with visual reminders. With assistance from a parent they can keep track of chores, activities, social events and more. Plus as a parent, it helps you organize your day, week and month and work towards a home that runs smoothly. I know you and your child will love using this Routine Planner."

    Heather from  
    Growing Hands-on Kids


About The Author

Hey there! I'm Dollie, a 40+ year old wife stuck in the honeymoon mind-set of marriage, the thrills of homeschooling, and the excitement of being a keeper of the home... but only on the days that I keep my heart on the things that matter most!

Dollie Freeman

The Routine Planner

THE ROUTINE PLANNER IS EDITABLE so you can use it again and again for years to come. Work on building routines for each individual child, and make changes as you need. 

Your kids will love the colors of the planner, the fun characters, and the routine cards!

You will love the results!