Take a tried and proven approach to create a unique family routine in a virtual bootcamp where you'll get personal help to walk you through the steps that will take you from overwhelmed to overcoming your daily chaos.  

Are you ready to go from overwhelmed to overcoming?

Of course, you are!  

The Secret to Overcoming Your Overwhelm is Routines

Most moms feel like each day is a losing battle because they can't seem to figure out how to put their family on a routine that works for them.  

Imagine what your life would be like if you...  

✔️ Discovered how to add more structure to your day without adding frustration ✔️ Found the secret to planning small components of your day ✔️ Used a very simple tactic to organizing your day for all your family members ✔️ Discovered the #1 easiest way to creating routines that work all year round ✔️ Identified exactly what's causing your overwhelm with routines  

The Virtual Routine Bootcamp will cover all of these and so much more!

Hey, I'm Dollie Freeman, creator of The Routine Approach. I'm opening up the enroll for this FIRST ever Bootcamp of its kind becaue I'm eager to become your personal routine mentor.  

Let me share some of my own story with you... 

☑️ I've a veteran homeschool mom of four children ranging from 8 - 24 years  

☑️ I lost my joy in my early 30's from the overwhelm of chaos in our home  

☑️ I regained my joy a year late when I began to create a natural routine for our family after throwing away my perfectly laid out homeschool plans that made me feel like a FAILURE

☑️ I've been working from my home since 2006 while balancing homeschooling, homemaking, and home life. 

☑️ I've created an approach that has withstood the test of time and proven effective in all seasons of our family's lives.  

☑️ I'm ready to take YOU from overwhelmed to overcoming!  




FREE ACCESS to The Routine Approach Course. Each of the FIVE video modules will be released one week at a time. 


GAIN ACCESS to The Virtual Routine Bootcamp, where we'll get face-to-face virtually as we work together to get routine results for your family. 

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Here's how The Virtual Routine Bootcamp works:


Take The Routine Approach Course 

Discover the tried and proven approach that leads to a unique family routine that is natural for your family, every day of the week.


Participate in the LIVE Bootcamp Trainings 

Before the next module is unlocked in the course, you'll show up for a LIVE interactive experience where creator, Dollie Freeman, will walk you through how to make the hard changes for big results.


Implement the Daily Exercises

At the end of each bootcamp, you'll recieve actionable steps to implement the changes that lead to taking you from overwhelmed to overcoming in 5 weeks... if you do the work!

What can you expect from the bootcamp?


Access the video course in an user-friendly software that outlines The Routine Approach in a way that can you from overwhelmed to overcoming on a daily basis. 


Just like any bootcamp, you're there for the purpose of reaching a goal and needing the accountability to reach that goal. The creator of the approach and others in the bootcamp will be that accountability for you to succeed. 


By the end of the bootcamp, you'll have built your unique routine that will work for your family for any day of the week. Plus the knowledge of how to make adjustments any month or year to fit any new seasons in your family's life.

"Before implementing routines in our family, we simply co-existed. Some days were just "okay" but other days it took everything we had to just survive. Now that routines are an integral part of our family, we aren't fearful of bad days. We know we have a plan. Dollie's routine approach really works!"

Danya Abraham, mom to 3 Best-selling author of Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day 


Aug 15

Module 1 Bootcamp

Discover The Routine Approach and discuss how it can change your chaos into joy and receive you weekly assignments to start the bootcamp for your family.  

Module 1 releases August 13th 

Aug 29

Module 3 Bootcamp

Discover the essential elements to routines and how to implement them into your family's day.

Module 3 releases August 27th

Sept 14

Module 5 Bootcamp

Empowered by everything learned, you'll have the knowledge to create a routine rhythm for your family.

Module 5 releases September 10th 

Aug 22

Module 2 Bootcamp

Find your Next Step Mindset and discuss how to use this to begin to create your routine even when you have interruptions. 

Module 2 releases August 20th

Sept 5

Module 4 Bootcamp

Find the routine robbers in your family and discuss how to eliminate them with a trick the whole family can use.

Module 4 releases September 3rd 

Sept 17

Bootcamp Graduation

Finishing what you started should always be celebrated and this bootcamp will bring the mood to celebrate all of the accomplishments so far, as we share how we've overcome the chaos so far! 

The Routine Approach Course is a self-lead course that you'll have full access to for the life.  

The modules will be unlocked on Mondays, one week at a time. It would be best to have worked through the videos before attending the LIVE Bootcamp. 

The Virtual Routine Bootcamp is a LIVE video call at 1 PM EST where all participants will be on video and able to interact with creator, Dollie Freeman and other participants.  

All Bootcamps will be recorded and added to a private area for participants only. 

Ready to overcome your routine overwhelm?